You have a parental responsibility

You're a young marriage. You have a two-year-old son, and your second child is on the way. You are successful in the service of television receivers, your spouse was a payroll accountant before the maternity leave. Your life has been peaceful, but now you will be worried about not only the upbringing of two children, but you'll be troubled by the financial question. Children need to be secured not only now, but save money to get to the beginnings when they become adult people.
Children are not your only hope
You hope children will take care of you in old age. Your children will have enough to worry about themselves. The current situation in the company is not too inclined for them. Pension reform will also significantly affect the lives of your children. Pensions will be minimal, and it is necessary for each of us to realise that, without the effort to save money on pensions, our life as a senior citizen will not be of high quality.

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