We also offer chalets with sauna

You require a WIFI connection
Going on vacation and do not want to spend it abroad? Or do not have enough money for foreign holidays? In both cases, chalets and cottages are the ideal solution. The holiday will cost you cheaply and spend it in beautiful nature.
You have a pet with you
Our site is designed so that the client can conveniently and neatly choose what is best suited to him. We sorted our offer into several categories such as chalets and cottages for summer, winter, mountains, internet, near swimming pool and so on. On our website you will find all information about chats and cottages, including photo album, so you can see all our offered holiday buildings.
Holidays may not be just by the sea
Holiday in the cottage can be a pleasant rest, especially if the cottage is in a nice environment, maintained and at a pleasant price. The chalets and cottages we offer are always perfectly maintained. You can choose from many kinds of huts and cottages.

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