Losing weight has never been easier

Lose weight
A healthy diet can be mentioned in every issue of all magazines that come from us. The motto "You Are what you eat" US bomthe TV. However, few people eat healthy, whether from lack of time, knowledge or because of different habits. The solution is the boxed diet of Prague.
Quick and easy

The Krabičková Diet Prague offers balanced, healthy ways of preparing a varied diet of five portions per day for six days a week. You choose the caloric value of the diet depending on whether you are a man or a woman and whether you want to lose weight or keep your physique. The Krabičková Diet Prague has branches in other Czech towns as well.
Lose weight with reason
Crab Diet Prague will guarantee you healthy eating, containing all the necessary nutrients and vitamins. A diet with which you manage to lose weight without feeling hungry and curtailed.

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