Bargaining will not be avoided in everyday life

Every day, a person meets people, whether it's in the workplace, in public transport, in shops and finally at home. There is almost always some communication, whether verbal or just gestures and mimic, when encountering people. In the workplace, but also in the family environment, there are discussions where one wants to take some advantage for himself. The latter, however, also wants to gain some benefit for himself from the situation. At that moment there is an interview where a person in the position of an applicant for an advantage begins to conduct negotiations with a person who is in the position of power and with the right to decide. How much information and time the applicant has is decisive for the success of his intent. And it is all the time talking about a minor who wants to go to a disco, and asks his parents.
It is similar in the workplace
Even in the workplace, dialogues are conducted where the applicant for some benefit may be an employee, or vice-Chairman. If such a serious dialogue is being made, the applicant must be well prepared. He must know if he has any sense of asking anything, if there's a good time, if he's ready for a negative result. Even at the highest level, dialogues are being conducted where one state wants to achieve benefits, but it must count on the fact that the other state will not stand by. Professional executives must then control the high-level conversation strategy. Discussions are just taking place at all levels of human life.

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